Monday, April 11, 2011

Anzac Day

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In class we have been reading and finding out about life for the Anzac soldiers. We found out about why Anzac biscuits were the biscuits made to go overseas. It took up to 2 months for the food parcels to get overseas so the biscuits had to last that long without going off. Maybe someone will comment about the secret missing ingredient, and something else they found out about Anzac biscuits or Anzac Some really motivated children have created dioramas depicting a scene from the war. Have a look. What do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?


sophie said...

i liked all of them they put a lot of hard work into them

chelsea said...


Caley said...

the missing ingredent is egg it makes the biscuit go off and anzac biscuit dont have egg in them

Caley said...

i love the dioramas there so well made from Caley and Sue (Caleys Mum)

Aaliyah said...

they were fun to make

Elle said...

They were for to make with Aaliah :)))))