Monday, May 2, 2011

Goal Setting

We are going to be setting personal goals for Term 2 using this movie maker called Extranormal.


Keilah said...

love the video Mrs Mcvey how did you do that, that is really cool:)
only just got on the computer because took me a long time to do homework and was talking to friends on my phone.I enjoying school so far I like to do the must dos and can dos it was really fun and the pre-reading activities
were fun as well

Keilah said...

Yay cant wait to do the movie thing to write our goals to emprove juring class thats a good idea Mrs Mcvey:)

Aaliyah said...

love the video can't wait to make one

Caley said...

It's so fun making it that i'm going on it now!!!

Keilah said...

Keilah's mum says...
wow awesome Mrs Mcvey love to do one that would be awesome:)
Joanne Keilah's mum